Probiotics are living microorganisms introduced to the body because of the good they can do. Good bacteria support the proper work of your bowel, boost your immune system, as well as maximize the benefits of a healthy diet by assisting your gut in the absorption of vitamins and minerals. There are many other benefits to healthy micro-flora, too many perhaps to list here.

The bottom line? Our products will help you eliminate easily and regularly; you’ll feel younger and lighter, always in a good mood.

Want to buy probiotics inThailand?

We started Phuket Probiotics because we couldn’t find anyone selling kefir grains or fermented vegetables. We fixed it by making the ferments on our own. Now, we’ve expanded to sharing those delicious things with you.

Your healthiest days have arrived


Organic Wheatgrass in Phuket

100% Natural Boost of Vitamins


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