About us

How it all started

Eating fermented foods is essential to health. How does that work? Tomasz wrote an article to explain it, here.

We started Phuket Probiotics because we couldn’t find anyone selling kefir grains or fermented vegetables. We were missing the sour taste, crunchy bite, and the healthy, bio-active boost. We fixed it by making the ferments on our own. Now, we’ve expanded to sharing those delicious things with you.

How we fixed it

Our secret is the loving attention we put into each jar and bottle, we believe it actually makes a difference in taste. There’s one more secret: we listen to Mozart, when we work.

We’re in the fermentation business

We never use concentrates, add sugar, or use any preservatives. We create our own recipes: washing, cleaning, mixing brine, and lacto-fermenting lots of top quality veg, veg juices, and kefirs into our glass bottles and jars.

Your healthiest days have arrived!


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