Goat’s Milk Kefir (Raw, Unpasteurised, Organic, Chem-free)

Beauty and brains.

About the product:

  • Made from fresh, unpasteruized goat’s milk
  • Raw, chemical-free, gluten-free. Low glycemic index
  • This kefir contains a superb range of easy-to-assimilation essential vitamins, minerals, and complete proteins
  • Easy to digest and keeps your skin looking good
  • Non-allergenic, causes no inflammation—great for people sensitive to lactose

We like to drink 100ml (half a small cup) of this kefir on empty stomach for the best absorption, daily. It does not have a strong smell or taste, is very refreshing and slightly fizzy. A great way to add vitamins, minerals, and good bacteria (probiotics) to your diet.


each 300 ml bottle / 175 THB
each 2000 ml bottle / 950 THB

We sell this by pre-order only, please call us if you’d like to order. Tell us if you’d like it more (or less) sour. Please allow a few days before we have it ready for you. This product must be refrigerated, as it is bio-active. It stays perfectly drinkable for 4 weeks or even longer. 

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